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Queen's School today, has a track record of the benefits from the Old Girls' Association, State Government, and Multinationals.

Benefits from Old Girls Association

Description Benefactor
School Bus  Old Girls' Association, Lagos Branch
Equipping of Science Laboratory  Old Girls' Association, Lagos Branch
50 Zinox Computers  Old Girls' Association, Lagos Branch
Bust Sculpture of Mrs. Kirk Patrick (Second Principal of Queen's School Enugu) Old Girls' Association, Lagos Branch
Front Perimeter Fence Old Girls' Association, Houston Branch (USA)
Renovation of School Main Hall Old Girls' Association, Atlanta Branch (USA)
Renovation of Physics and Chemistry Laboratories Old Girls' Association, Dallas Branch (USA)
Renovation of Home Economics Laboratory Old Girls' Association, West Coast Region Branch (USA)
Renovation of School Library Old Girls' Association, Mid-Atlantic Region Branch (USA)
Construction of Toilet for the School Group of Old Girls

Benefits from the State Government

The School, today, has also enjoyed some benefits from the Government of Enugu State. Some of the benefits include:

  • School bus
  • Water supply reticulated by the State Government to all parts of the School compound
  • Free education for all junior students

Benefits from Multinationals

Description  Benefactor
 Provision of well-equipped Computer Laboratory  MTN

Ongoing Projects

Description Remark
Fallen Perimeter Fence The Parents and the School Base Management Committee (SBMC) are presently embarking on the re-construction of the fallen perimeter fence of the School. The fallen fence is close to the School boundaries with the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus (UNEK) and Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu

Future Projects

Description Cost    Remarks
Refectory/Kitchen  NGN 5,503,703.00     The refectory and kitchen must be totally overhauled
Clapperton House NGN 7,128,470.00     Complete renovation of collapsed Clapperton House roof
Sick Bay NGN 2,717,250.00     Installation of a Clinic and construction of a sick bay
Main Hall NGN 1,171,770.00     Renovation of School main hall
Installation of Overhead Tanks NGN 174,100.00     Overhead tanks to be provided in all the building and connected to the water mains
Clark House Renovation NGN 13,272,670.00     Complete renovation of Clark House gutted by fire
Upgrading of all the Laboratories Yet to be costed     All the Laboratories should be tilled, air-conditioned, and equipped

Note: All cost are as at 2014

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