Atlanta Convention: 24th – 27th July, 2014

Many projects had been executed in Queen’s School Enugu by various chapters of the Old Girls’ Association. However, our observations over the years were the projects were done in isolation, disjointed, with no continuity, no follow-through, no reporting system and no maintenance plan. A case study is a state-of-the-art toilet facility built in 2012 by a concerned group of Old Girls. At the moment, this edifice is not in use because the soak away system was not put in lace since there was no water in Enugu at the time in question.


In February 2013, we received an ugly report that the students were using the bush as a toilet so we embarked on a fact-finding mission which was confirmed by the Principal (Mrs. Nzeakor) and her team.


We proffered an immediate solution, which was to build a bore-hole but she told us that it has been overtaken by events since the Governor had almost concluded plans to bring back water to Enugu State. Thank God there is water in the School now.


As suggested by the Principal, to bring all chapters and branches of the Association both in Nigeria and abroad under one umbrella to discuss “The way forward”, which we believe will give us the required results. But, unfortunately, Nigeria couldn’t drive this mission because we don’t have a National body to coordinate it, and therefore it fell on the United States of America chapters to drive this World Convention – the Atlanta Convention.


The Atlanta Convention is intended as a platform to assemble together the great women of substance that Queens School Enugu had produced in order to stir up an enabling environment, especially, for the girls in Queens School Enugu to accomplish their dreams and to persuade the policy makers to put in place measures that would help turn the table around for the upliftment of the girl-child.


The convention will give individuals/groups/chapters the opportunity to air their views and bring their ideas on the way forward for our great institution that has moulded us.


Finally, we have the opportunity to place an advert of our companies in the brochure for the Atlanta Convention at USD100.00 for a full page and USD10 for class/groups.

The National Convention

The idea of a National Convention is a vision borne out of a deep search for the missing link between the progress of QSEOGA and its survival. We are so much aware that a tree gives birth to branches and the branches are sustained as long as the tree gives steady supply of nutrients. It is also known that a tree that has its root deep in the soil will ba able to carry the weight of its offshoots, which are the branches.

For many years, the branches of the Old Girls' Association had existed in isolation without the needed nutrients to keep them alive. This has indeed informed the reason why most of the branches, if not all, are either inactive or non-existent.

The National Executive body is the force that pulls all the arms of the Association together, as well as a veritable vehicle that drives the affairs of the Association. It is indeed sad that after sixty years of the existence of this institution, it has not been propelled enough to inaugurate its national body. It is said that a journey of 100 miles start with one step - a step in the right direction. Although, to many, it might appear that we have lost a lot of grounds but I believe we have the resolve to overtake and recover all.

 The National body's responsibility is to begin to identify locations, areas, towns and states where the Old Girls reside. Thereafter, an integration process can be put in place to ensure adequate and continuous information information flow amongst members.

The objectives of the convention include:

  • Opportunity to re-establish old links and connect to new ones.
  • Re-kindle the spirit and the flame of our alma-mater
  • To inaugurate a national body that would begin to coordiante the affairs of the Old Girls and Queen's School Enugu.
  • To raise many other chapters through the establishment of a National Body.
  • To begin rebuilding process of our alma-mater
  • To create a platform that would set in motion the participation in the forth-coming Atlanta Convention.

Queenites, the things that unit us are greater than the things that separate us. With a loud voice let's shout "Together We Can Make It". With this declaration, I hereby hoist the flag of unity that will continue to bond us togehter. God bless Queen's School Enugu.


Mrs. Ifeanyi Egbunike

President QSEOGA, Lagos Branch


A Diamond in the Sky
My Alma-mater, Queen's School Enugu
My all that matter's

Great potter of mind and body,
We yielded ourselves to thee to mould

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